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Advicefront - SaaS Product

Advicefront creates a better investment experience for both advisers and their clients. It spares advisers time for more clients while it provides an educative experience for clients in between meetings. 📈

Role: Designer and Product Owner
Company:  Advicefront (full-time)
Responsible for: UX Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Design feasibility with development team and Roadmap planning with Management Team


Clients sign-up, build their financial plan based on their personal goals, they are then taken through a financial educative experience on the platform, until they are ready to accept an investment proposition from their adviser.


Plan dashboard, client's personal financial goals


Goal edition page
Client can experiment with all variables towards a set goal




Client List, the Adviser's dashboard
An overview for advisers of their clients, their goals and profiles


Advisers invite new clients so they can build a custom proposition.  Advicefront helps guide clients to the next step, while saving up time on the adviser's agenda.


Messaging feature. Advisers and Clients can talk through messages, keeping every conversation registered for future reference.


Client's profile. A completed interactive profile seen by the adviser's side of the platform. If she receives a call he can add a detail to the system and the profile is updated.


Document sharing. All attachments throughout the investment process end up here, automatically, whether they are uploaded by the adviser or the client.


Client's profile, it's progress and latest activity



Investment proposition. Client can interact with the proposal by writing comments, adding attachments. Adviser answer back online or be prompt for the next meeting.


As Product Owner and Designer, I designed the product
together with our small managing and development team.

Responsible for the re-design of the website, which wouldn't be possible without our other designer, Andreia: www.advicefront.com.


Goal icons I designed to make so that they fell more personal.

'Royal Blue' was our main colour. However, as Advicefront is a B2B white-label product, we worked out theme colours so the product could adapt to the firm's brand. All icons, colours and change with a click.