Two apps for food ordering - Customer and Delivery Apps for EatTasty.


Two apps - One ordering experience for EatTasty

Context: EatTasty is a model where home food is delivered to your workplace. The catch? It has been done this very same morning by someone living close by. 

Project 1 - EatTasty's drivers need to get to every company fast. They get last minute orders, need to list what they delivered, to who, get the meal reference and move to the next place. The challenge? Design an app to help them out.

Project 2 - Our clients need to order anytime on their phones. I designed an app where they can see the menu today's in one swipe, even if they haven't yet registered. 

Role:  Wireframes,  Design and Interaction
Company: While working as a full-time at EatTasty.