App for Borda D'Água


Borda D'Água

An exercise project: An app for a traditional Portuguese almanac still printed and sold on the street, with over 85 years old. It carries info on astrology, tides times, moon calendar, gardening and agricultural  🌱 seasons and tips, every kind of holidays and fairs around the country.

Role: Research, Wireframes,  Design and Interaction
Challenge: for Faber Ventures / Advicefront Interview


Onboarding View

Onboarding View


A brilliant exercise, because it was about
reimagining a beautifully old publication
into a digital experience


As I deconstructed all pages and blocks on the print layouts I kept thinking it could be more useful to have the information handed to you depending on your interests. Not everyone who needs the publications for sea-level consultation will necessarily want to go through fairs or famous people's deaths, horoscopes or local markets. Different uses, different people use the same publication. 




An informed Information Architecture was the key to the project. I've created a concept where personalization by interest would be the first layer for filtering information on the app. 



Visually, I opted for a modern and neutral sans-serif typeface by contrast and not to lose the printed feel I also used a serif typeface similar to the one we get on the publication.