Rebrading and Website for Nicky films


Nicky films

Communication strategy, website, and rebranding a Videographers agency who wanted to tell a story. We worked together with the clients to find our briefing and direction. We decided to aim for elegance, simplicity, and youth.  💍

Role: Branding and Designer (in collaboration with Filipe Xavier) and Illustrator
Client: Nicky films


A successful co-creation project, as we worked together uncover a briefing and together agreed on a direction to follow. We aimed for elegance, simplicity, and youth.


Building a brand, visual language, illustrations and website from nothing, is something we don't get to do very often. 




Our clients have a manifesto of their own, as wedding videographers, they believe the couple's story should be in charge of their own creative direction, they too go through a phase of discovery and co-creation.



Personalization was a key element in this project, after all couples already have their own narrative.